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  • 1RM % Calculator

    How it Works..

    The one rep max calculator can be used to help determine your maximum poundage and percentages thereof in a given exercise without having to test it manually by carrying out a one rep max test and fatiguing the CNS.

    What is the 1 REP MAX?
    The 1 REP MAX is defined as the maximum weight you can lift one time for a given exercise while using perfect form. The 1RM test is used to find out how much weight you should lift for a given exercise at other rep ranges based on this number. You can find your 1RM by using our calculator.

    Why would you want to know your 1 REP MAX?
    You might think a single-rep max (also called one-rep max, one-RM, or 1RM) doesn't matter because you'll never train that heavy on most lifts until you see a program that asks you to use a percentage of your 1RM on a lift which is why we invented this tool. This calculator is is based on a formula calculated by exercise scientists which is accurate for most people to determine an estimate for each movement.

    Finding out your 1RM requires testing which is an intense operation requiring a high degree of caution to avoid injury and is also a highly risky activity for those over the age of 50 or individuals who are not used of exercising. However if you wish to carry out the test manually and you need assistance, do not hesitate to contact us.

    Most resisistance training programmes here at MOGSC are set up using percentages based on your 1RM, so by using this tool, you will be able to find out exactly what weight you need to be lifting in order to carry out your programme effectively. This calculator will give you all the relevant loads, which can also be done manually by simply multiplying the percentage by your 1RM (eg, 100kg). For instance, if you can lift 100kg for 5 reps, the calculator will tell you that your 1RM is 105kg and if you wanted to find out 85% of this or example, the calculator tells you to use 98kg (which is simply 0.85 x 100).

    Remember, this one rep max calculator is pretty accurate but not 100% accurate.

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