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  • Body Fat Calculator

    How it works..

    This tool will assess your body fat and lean body mass percentage calculating you how much body fat you need to lose or gain in order to achieve your desired look.

    Instructions for use

    Step 1

    Under the “Sex” button, click either “Male” or “Female”.
    For Men: enter for following information;
    1) Enter your waist measurement in inches.
    (take the measurement at your belly button – umbilicus);
    2) Enter your body weight in pounds;
    For Women: enter the following information;
    1) Enter your bodyweight in pounds;
    2) Enter your wrist measurement in inches
    (take the measurement at the widest point)
    3) Enter your waist measurement in inches
    (take the measurement at your belly button – umbilicus) – Do not measure on top of clothing on (Remove clothing)
    4) Enter your hip measurement in inches
    (Measure the widest point of the buttocks) – Do not measure on top of clothing (Remove clothing)
    5) Enter your forearm measurement
    (Measure at the widest point near the elbow region)
    6) Add measurements to the calculator in their respective categories.

    Step 2

    1) Click “Calculate Body Fat”
    The calculator will display your current body fat percentage in addition to your lean body mass (your weight minus all fat).
    2) Under “What is Your Goal” choose your desired look which are:
    a) Super ripped
    b) Ripped (Athletic)
    c) Fitness
    d) Bulkier
    3) Choose the corresponding body fat % you wish to achieve.
    For example, under the “Fitness” look, you are presented with 4 possible body fat percentages going from 14% to 17% body fat levels. 14% will be leaner than 15% which will be leaner than 16% which will be leaner than 17%.
    4) Click “Calculate Goal Weight”. In order to achieve your desired body fat percentage, the calculator will tell you how much body fat you need to lose (or gain) in pounds.
    Please remember, this calculator is not 100% accurate but it’ll give you an indication of how much body fat you need to lose (or gain) in order to attain a certain “look”.

    Understanding your result

    Generally speaking, healthy ranges of body fat are 8 – 19% for men and 21 – 33%. Anything at the essential fat level is under fat and will be extremely lean and somewhat unsustainable over the long term. These body fat levels are in the body building contestant range which if the body builder is in shape will be extremely lean and vascular (veiny). This is a very low body fat range and very difficult to maintain since the nutritent intake is extremely low.

    At the Athletic range, people will have a lean look with a six pack of abs showing. Although not as lean and vascular as the essential fat category (super ripped) the athletic look will be somewhat vascular with noticeable muscle definition.
    Generally speaking, defined vascularity (veins on biceps for example) and ab definition will start to appear at the following body fat levels:
    Men: 10 to 15% (depends on variables such as age, genetics and metabolism)
    Women: 15 to 22%
    These body fat ranges can be difficult to achieve but more sustainable over the long term than being super ripped.
    At the high end, body fat ranges above 33% for women and 25% for men are considered obese and unhealthy.
    The table below will indicate healthy body fat ranges which will you determine what type of body fat ranges you want to be in (based on The American Council on Exercise).

    The following images should also give you an idea of how you want to look and the body fat ranges you need to attain in order to get the look:



    Description: Female: Male:
    Essential Fat 10 - 13% 2 - 5%
    Athletes 14 - 20% 6 - 13%
    Fitness 21 - 24% 14 - 17%
    Average 25 - 31% 18 - 24%
    Obese 32% plus 25% plus

    The above information will help you to choose the type of body you want and the body fat percentage (and body weight) you need to reach to achieve your desired goal.

    Once you have decided on your goals, you can use our to our Calorie and Diet Planner to find out how many calories, protein, fat, and carbohydrates you need in order to achieve your target body weight.

    For assistance with creating a custom diet and training plan tailored towards reaching your goals taking you from where you are now to where you want to be, do not hesitate to contact us.

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