Calorie and Diet Planner

  • Calorie and Diet Planner

    Height Feet Inches
    Weight Lbs
    Your Activity Level
    Your Daily Caloric Needs Cal
    What are Your Goals
    Total Calories Cal
    Protein Intake Grams
    Carb Intake Grams
    Fat Intake Grams
    Meals per day
    Calories per meal Grams
    Protein per meal Grams
    Carbs per meal Grams
    Fat per meal Grams
  • Calorie and Diet Planner

    Our Calorie and Diet Planner is clever an easy to use tool that anybody can use to assist in creating their own diet plan!

    Using the Calorie and Diet Planner

    Using our Calorie and Diet Planner is as simple as plugging in the values on the form. An intelligent algorithm calculates the values which exports the results depending on a multitude of variables.

    Ease of use

    After finding out your Daily Calorie Needs (which is also called the TDEE or total daily energy expendature) you select your goal which determines your new macronutrient breakdown based on your new goals. Once you have this figure you are able to get a picture of the macronutrient breakdown per meal per day.

    For assistance with diet planning feel free to get in touch.

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